I’m a journalist based out of Vancouver B.C. 12705221_10156532380315427_8282803935094261862_n

I have a bachelors in journalism and a minor in philosophy from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. It may seem like a miss-match to some, but my journalistic education taught me how to use the tools, formats and styles but my knowledge in philosophy guides me intellectually, morally and rationally through the hard and quick decision making process which is apart of my everyday life as a journalist.

My foundation is in writing for both print and online mediums. However, my training includes various forms of journalistic styles and niches including, long-form features, news, column writing and blogging. I also have experience in  photography, shooting film, editing and producing video pieces as well as recording, scripting and cutting tape for radio.

You can email me at contact@sarinegulerian.com

Tweet me: @sarinegulerian

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